PSA: If Apex Legends feels like playing in soup, just play in the soup for a bit

Are you suffering from slow-motion Apex Legends servers? Try this one weird fix that doctors hate!

I played three rounds of Apelegs last night, and each one kicked off in treacle. Apparently this has been happening to other people ever since the game launched, though I’d not encountered it, and the fix is simply to stick around until the server stops being clogged up with goop. (I do not know how servers work.) I wasn’t aware of that before I’d pointlessly left two games, though, so I figured someone might find this information useful.


Fans Will Get The Chance To Name A New Move In Pokémon Sword And Shield

It’s contest time!

It already feels like forever ago since the Pokémon Sword and Shield reveal, but if the build-up to the release of Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! is anything to go by, we can expect to see lots more footage and information ahead of the games’ release later this year.

Before The Pokémon Company showers us with greatness, though, fans will be given the chance to name a brand new move set to feature in the games. Sadly for us westerners, the contest is a Japan-only deal, set to appear in the next CoroCoro magazine.

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Unrailed is boarding the Early Access train this summer and it’s an absolute riot

If you’ve ever played Mini Metro, but thought your solo subway planning adventures would be dramatically improved by having another pair of hands in the mix, then make sure you book a seat for Unrailed [official site].

Unrailed, styled as Unrailed! as if it’s being shouted at you with excitement, is a co-op rail-planning puzzler from Swiss developer Indoor Astronaut that will be pulling into Steam Early Access later this summer. I played an early demo at PAX East last month, and I had so much fun I almost missed the stop for my next appointment.


Sea of Thieves’ Anniversary Update Turns the Game Into Two Very Different Experiences

The executive producer for Sea of Thieves has just called me a “motherf**ker”. I can’t stop laughing. I didn’t expect this when I arrived at Rare this morning. To be honest, I didn’t really expect that kind of reaction to ever emerge from a session in Sea of Thieves. Despite its piratical set-up, and the built-in opportunity for meanness that allows for, Sea of Thieves has always struck me as an almost uniquely friendly shared open world.

We all know how Sea of Thieves started out. Around release, I grew fond of calling it “the world’s nicest chatroom” – a place where I hung out with my friends while doing a few odd jobs, rather than undertaking grand quests (mainly because it didn’t feel like those quests were really there). It wasn’t what I could achieve in that world that drew me in, rather just the pleasantness of being there.

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Have You Played… Crusader: No Regret?

I was never allowed to play Crusader: No Regret or indeed its predecessor Crusader: No Remorse when I was a lad. Despite being two of Origin System’s most impressive action games, they completely passed me by. Yet the Silencer was such a distinctive character in my mind, his bright red space armour glimmering as I stared at the box for both games. What was going through his mind?


Gleaner Heights Is Now Available For Xbox One

Product Info:
Developer: Emilios Manolidis
Publisher: Emilios Manolidis

The Prison Island of Alcatraz is Now a Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Map on Xbox One

Ready yourself for intense and constant gunplay: Alcatraz island is now a new standalone Blackout map available for free today on Xbox One as part of the Blackout Free Access.

After descending from your sky portal onto the notorious prison in San Francisco Bay, expect something a little different. Unlike the core Blackout experience, the action starts almost immediately. You only have a short amount of time to grab some equipment and begin tracking down enemies, avoiding the undead inhabitants shambling about this prison, and concentrating on almost-constant combat engagements.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Nowhere to Run, Everywhere to Hide

Developer Treyarch has ratcheted up the tension on this new map while reducing the player count and the size of the environment. This results in focused, immediate battles where there’s almost never time to rest. With 40 players in quad teams attempting to control strategically-important areas across the rock, expect a chaotic and action-packed outing from the moment you ditch your ‘chute!

Confined prisons, stepped courtyards, rocky cliffs, and dozens of dilapidated structures crammed with guns, gear, and ambush potential… matches are incredibly tense, filled with trepidation, and usually result in multiple takedowns in seconds, not minutes. With this in mind, games are usually over in 10 minutes, compared to 25-minute games with 100 players across the main Blackout map.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Know Your Environmental Overview: Look Down, Up, and Out

Whether you’re planning on using the cluster of tents and dilapidated dwellings at the Parade Grounds, battling for control of the Ruins, or taking refuge on the roof of the Cellhouse at the top of the rock, Alcatraz brings a new level of verticality to Blackout matches. Your trip around the island begins at sea level, with beaches, dotted islands, and rocky shores to investigate, and rusting ships, old docks, and abandoned field hospitals to navigate. Expect the aforementioned quarantine tents and apartment buildings to be brimming with gear, as well as enemies and the odd undead zombie or dozen.

Dart through, around, or under industrial warehouses, use scattered and overgrown bushes, and as you reach the northern tip of Alcatraz explore the derelict Powerhouse with its crumbling chimney. Then there’s the Cellhouse itself; a maze of interior cells on multiple floors, where the close quarters nature of combat, heightens the intensity.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

The nine destinations of Alcatraz each have a distinct nature to them, but everywhere on the island there’s a sense you’re being watched by enemy players, from doorways, rooftops, rusting jail cells, ruined out-buildings, or even the top of a huge water tower. You’re never far away from opponents; so gaining the higher ground is a tactic players should consider.

New Blackout Map: New Battle Tactics

Immediate equipment gathering, and a reliance on twitch skills, close quarters combat, and constant movement to cover and gain higher ground are all aspects of Alcatraz you can choose to employ. You may find yourself holed up in a ransacked house, using a Barricade or Razor Wire to block a doorway or staircase while setting up an ambush for enemies who landed on the roof is one strategy to consider. Such barriers may protect you and your team, and if you find a Grapple Gun consider utilizing it to move swiftly through narrow corridors, or up to rooftops when your current location is compromised.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

But don’t think Alcatraz is all about close quarters mayhem; players have numerous places to tag foes from. There are plenty of structures, rooftops, and cliff edges offering great sight lines all across the map.

Whatever you end up cramming into your backpack, and whatever your chosen tactics, the time is right to join the fight for Alcatraz!

The limited-time Blackout Free Access event ends April 30, 2019. Available now on Xbox One for Xbox Live Gold members.

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Smash Bros. Ultimate Commercial Confirms The Return Of Stage Builder

Put on your hard hat.

Remember the rumour last month about the stage builder and home run mode being added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in a future update? Well, it looks like at least one of these modes has now been confirmed.

After dataminers found files within the ‘How To Play’ section of Ultimate making reference to the two modes, a new commercial for Smash Bros. Ultimate has seemingly teased the return of stage builder. At the beginning of the video below, there’s a glimpse of it in the right-hand corner of the game’s menu.

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