Destiny 2: Obscure, Two Year-Old Puzzle Just Solved

A Destiny 2 player has solved one of the game’s puzzles two years after the mystery was first added.

User Javano posted the solution to Twitter, which they discovered with the help of another player, Bachmanetti. The puzzle in question is part of the Rasputin ARG that was added as part of the Warmind expansion. The puzzle features six icons that, when deciphered, provides three cipher keys that help decode a message which reveals a real-world location. That location has (or rather, had) a stash of Destiny goodies, which have long since been looted because the ARG was solved ages ago. Well, sort of.

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Two of the cyphers were discovered, but the final one – the world ‘MECHANIZED’ – was worked out through dogged determination and trial-and-error by the Destiny community. And so while the ARG was solved, one part of the puzzle was never truly answered. Until Bachmanetti figured it out, that is.

Javano posted a transcript of his IM messages with Bachmanetti on Twitter, showing them backtrack from the answer in hope of discovering the true solution. The only clue they had was the icon – a diamond – and the suggestion that it was related to a weapon. They had a hunch that it was the Sleeper Stimulant, presumably because it’s a Rasputin pattern exotic introduced in Warmind.

Bachmanetti quickly realised that the diamond icon in the puzzle is identical to the reticle of the Sleeper Stimulant’s sight, and then made the connection with a warning sign seen on the wall of one of the Mars environments. The community believed the sign was part of the puzzle, as other clues on the map led to it. Within the next five minutes of making the connection, Bachmanetti jumped into the game, took the Sleeper Stimulant to the sign, and solved the puzzle. By lining up the scope with an identical diamond shape on the sign, the calibration lines on the edge of the reticle underlines letters, which when rearranged spell out MECHANIZED.

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Bachmanetti and Javano may not receive a prize for their discovery – the real life stash of Warmind engraved coins was discovered in May 2018 – they have finally found the missing piece of a two year old puzzle.

For more on Destiny 2, check out our regular podcast Fireteam Chat, as well as the news that Bungie will remove paid-for loot boxes.

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Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK News and Entertainment Writer. You can follow him on Twitter

Best PC gaming deals of the week – 6th March 2020

At long last, the sun has risen from its wintery slumber and it’s finally starting to feel a bit like spring. This pleases your deal herald, as it means there’s a fresh crop of PC gaming deals blossoming across the internet that will soon bear delicious fruit before all the big games come out. In fact, many have bloomed and flowered already, such as the fresh, sweet scent of Humble’s huge Paradox and RPG sales, and Fanatical’s tantalising 2K offers, where you’ll find Borderlands 3 for 53% off plus many more. So grab a basket and get deals picking, because this fresh bouquet of all the best PC gaming deals of the week won’t last forever.


Rainbows, Toilets & Unicorns Is A Real Video Game, And It’s Coming To Switch Next Week

Nope, it’s not April Fools yet.

Where do we even start? Indie publisher Fantastico Studio has revealed that Rainbows, toilets & unicorns, a bullet hell shoot ’em up, is coming to Switch next week.

Described by its developers as “the most irreverent shooter ever”, Rainbows, toilets & unicorns tasks players with making their way through enemy waves, eventually taking on 15 bosses across five crazy worlds. Amazingly, there is actually a plot behind this madness:

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Frictional Games Reveals Horror Sequel Amnesia: Rebirth

The year was 2009, and Frictional Games was in crisis. We were almost out of money, and it was running out fast. We had lots of ideas for innovative systems and puzzles, but they weren’t working out. Rash decisions had to be made.

“Screw innovation! Let’s just make the scariest game we possibly can.”

With this, Amnesia: The Dark Descent was born. And it took off beyond our wildest dreams. The game became a byword for narrative horror, and is still a staple of Let’s Plays and livestreams today.

Now, a decade later, we want to return to those roots. We want you to experience the thrills, chills, and creeping dread of the world of Amnesia in a brand new story.

I’m proud to be able to finally reveal:

Amnesia: Rebirth

What is Amnesia: Rebirth? A new protagonist, a new setting, a new story, but built on what we learned from the original game. No gimmicks. No inventing something completely new. This is Amnesia.

That doesn’t mean that we’re just doing more of the same — in horror, repetition is a deadly sin. You need to keep players on their toes at all times. We’ve had to twist expectations, refine old features, and up the ante on everything you’ve seen from us.

As you might expect from a Frictional game, we’re not simply going for a carnival attraction of jumpscares. Amnesia: Rebirth is an emotionally harrowing journey — something different, something less predictable. It will test you in ways you haven’t experienced before, and will make you think about the things that really scare you.

When Amnesia: The Dark Descent came out, we loved to hear the player feedback that said people couldn’t get through the game because they were too scared to continue. But, these days, simple horror isn’t enough. We want to take you beyond horror and out the other side — and see whether you’ll stand the weight of what we put you through.

Amnesia: Rebirth will be available later this year. Let’s see if you can bear it.

The EGX Rezzed Sessions lineup is confirmed, tackling topics from level design to Jason Statham

EGX Rezzed, the game show run by our corporate siblings (with our help!), is now mere weeks away and today they confirmed the lineup of Rezzed Sessions. All sorts of games industry people will take the stage in London on March 26-28 to discuss topics including level design, game music, game fashion, getting jobs, and Jason Statham, with the odd podcast or two thrown in too. Our own Alice Bee, Nate, and Imogen will all be joining some sessions, and Nate’s even managed to summon his old mate, Ghoastus. Read on for more details and the full schedule of 2020’s Rezzed Sessions.


Amnesia: Rebirth Announced, Frictional’s Newest Horror Game

Today, Frictional Games announced their next horror project and it’s a return to the series that made them famous. Amnesia: Rebirth will be released on PC and PS4 later this year, 10 years after the release of Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Amnesia: Rebirth follows a new character Tasi Trianon as they try to survive a deadly creature stalking her in the Algerian desert. This creature apparently feeds of Trianon’s terror, and players must be careful not to breathe lest they alert the hunter. You can watch the full announcement trailer below.

[ignvideo url=””]

The trailer is light on details but it’s immediately clear that Trianon finds herself in hostile territory. There are what appears to be caverns outfitted with traps, and you can briefly see the silhouette of a creature in a sandstorm.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent was released in 2010 where it became a viral hit online. The no-combat horror game was a popular mainstay for YouTubers and streamers to show how brave (or not) they could be while playing the game. Frictional would publish a sequel called Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs that was developed by The Chinese Room.

Frictional would develop their own follow-up in 2015 called Soma, which isn’t set in the Amnesia universe but features many of Frictional’s hallmarks such as having an unreliable protagonist and ambiguous memory.

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Prior to today’s announcement, Frictional began drip-feeding several mysterious videos hidden online that led up to today’s reveal. Some of the past videos included references to Algeria, and hinted at the desert location.

Amnesia: Rebirth will be released in autumn 2020 for PC and PlayStation 4. It is already available to wishlist on Steam. For more, check out IGN’s review of the first Amnesia here.

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Matt Kim is a reporter for IGN. You can reach him on Twitter.

The Last of Us HBO TV Series Writer Promises Ellie Will Be Gay

Craig Mazin, co-writer of the TV adaptation of The Last of Us, has promised that Ellie will still be gay in the HBO series.

After the TV series was announced yesterday, Mazin replied to some people who were asking him questions about it on Twitter, one of who brought up the topic of maintaining the characters’ sexualities.


When another person on Twitter replied Mazin’s tweet, saying “Bag it and tag it this tweet is now evidence,” he replied to them saying, “Correct. It is a receipt.”

It was first confirmed that Ellie is gay in The Last of Us DLC, Left Behind, in which she kisses her friend Riley in a flashback. Ellie’s sexuality will be explored further and be much more present in The Last of Us Part 2.

[ignvideo url=”″]

“Ellie is gay,” co-writer Halley Gross said back in 2018. “Ellie was born gay. This is just who she is. And to explore who she is as a teenager and as an adult, it wouldn’t be honoring her character to hide some facet of herself. We want to engage with her as a full character.”

During E3 2018, a gameplay video of The Last of Us Part 2 opened up with Ellie kissing new character Dina. Not much else is known about how the characters interact further into the game’s plot but given that Dina says Ellie has a better chance getting with her than the boys in their friend group, it seems likely they’ll become lovers.

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HBO’s The Last of Us show is replacing the previously planned movie adaptation of the game. Mazin is writing it alongside the game’s original writer Neil Druckmann while Naughty Dog president Evan Wells is an executive producer. It’s also been revealed that Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions will co-produce the series.

The Last of Us Part 2 is due to come out for PlayStation 4 on May 29, 2020 after its release date was delayed last year.

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Chris Priestman is a freelancer who writes news for IGN. Follow him on Twitter.

PC Engine Mini Production And Shipment Delayed Indefinitely By Coronavirus

Update: All units now “delayed until further notice”.

Update : Konami has issued an updated statement on the official PC Engine Mini site and via its Twitter account stating that the release of all PC Engine Mini stock has been “delayed until further notice”, meaning the console will completely miss its proposed March 19th release date, irrespective of when orders were placed.

Here’s the statement:

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Best SSD deals of the week – March 6th 2020

If your PC is constantly running out of space, it’s never been easier to get a cheap SSD. So why pay more when you can find all the best prices for today’s [cms-block]s in our regularly updated best SSD deals of the week article? Prices have remained largely stable since last week, too, making now a great time to pick up a great SSD deal on the cheap. Whether you’re after a deal on the best SATA SSDs or mega discounts on super fast NVMe SSDs and portable SSDs, you’ll find all the best SSD deals right here.