Opinion: Why I’m Happy Stadia Isn’t Going down the Netflix for Games Route

As someone who lives in Australia, I didn’t pay much attention to Stadia initially, as it seemed like the sort of thing designed more for countries with half decent internet. As I’ve started digging into it, however, I’ve put aside the question of how well the tech will work, because that’s something that will be determined with time. Instead, the initial barrier to entry for me (well, aside from the fact that Australia isn’t one of the 14 launch countries) is the question of when Stadia will deliver on the things that make it unique and more importantly, interesting.

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Who Won at EVO 2019? Here are the Results (So Far)

EVO 2019 is wrapping up, and unsurprisingly, it’s been a weekend full of knock-down drag-out fights between competitors at one of the world’s most prolific fighting game tournaments. We’ve had upsets, comebacks, and literal tears from some of the greatest fighting game players out there. We’ve rounded up each grand champion by game, plus the runner-ups, and we’ve got video of each final match to show you just how heated things can get in Vegas when EVO is in town.

Here’s every EVO 2019 grand champion so far.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Final Match: Goichi “GO1” Kishida vs. Dominique “SonicFox” McLean


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Dodge acid rain and robot guards in Backland

What exactly has happened to the world of Backland isn’t your concern. You just have to figure out how to sneak around and light up the five beacons that will signal an escape ship to come get you the hell out of here. Complicating matters, though, are the angry robot guards, intermittent acid rain, and the fact that you’re battery-powered and not good at holding a charge. These things may all conspire to keep you trapped, as its trailer demonstrates.


Feature: 7Levels On Jet Kave Adventure And Its Donkey Kong Country Inspiration

Jet Kave Radio.

Revealed earlier this month, 7Levels’ upcoming Switch exclusive Jet Kave Adventure channels the classic gameplay of the Donkey Kong Country series, with colourful environments, chunky mechanics and madcap action. Mixing prehistory with a pinch of sci-fi (resulting in what the trailer dubs ‘stone-fiction platforming’), it looks set to deliver some rock solid 2.5D side-on adventuring with a dash of humour and we’re excited to jump in when it arrives later this year.

7Levels is the development studio behind the punishing Castle of Heart, and it also recently published Golf Peaks. We recently caught up with studio co-founders Paweł Biela and Krzysztof Król to talk about their upcoming game, its inspirations and 7Levels experiences of working on Nintendo’s console.

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Merchant Of The Skies is a game about making money and befriending vegetables

After a hard day of work under capitalism, sometimes you just want to get home and become the capitalist yourself. Merchant Of The Skies will let you do that, but in a big boat off the ground, trading among the clouds. And also there are fish deities and singing carrots. You can get a taste of sailing that wide-open sky in the trailer below.


Review: FIA European Truck Racing Championship – Driven Off The Road By Performance Issues


It stands to reason that if you weld four wheels and an engine onto something, there’s probably bound to be someone who wants to race said thing around a track like a maniac. Because that’s the only reason we can imagine why there’s a real-life professional racing league for big rigs and trucks. It’s clearly a big deal for many motorsport fans around the world, because the European Truck Racing Championship now has its own official game, featuring plenty of famous race tracks (including Nürburgring and the Fuji Speedway) and a total of 45 official trucks to choose from across its two classes.

FIA European Truck Racing Championship is another semi-realistic racing experience from publisher BigBen Interactive, following in the footsteps of TT Isle of Man and V-Rally 4. If you’ve played either of the above, or any of Milestone’s recent offerings, you’ll at least have some idea of what to expect from this double-A racer. In terms of the driving model, the handling is more in line with a clunky arcade racer, with only a moderate amount of adjustment needed to correct oversteer or understeer. The AI isn’t particularly clever or aggressive either, so you’re only ever going to lose a race because you spun out after another truck tapped the back end of your cab.

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