Razer Viper review: An ultra light ambidextrous gaming mouse

There have been quite a few new entries in my best gaming mouse list recently, from Corsair’s Ironclaw RGB and Harpoon RGB Wireless to Roccat’s Kain 120, but almost all of them have been designed with right-handed PC peeps in mind. Finally, however, we might have a new best gaming mouse contender for the lefties among you in the form of the new Razer Viper. An ambidextrous gaming mouse that’s both ultra lightweight and highly customisable, the £80 / $80 Viper finally brings some much needed competition to the Asus ROG Pugio and Steelseries Sensei 310. Here’s wot I think.


Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and New Light have been delayed into October

Destiny 2‘s gearing up for a big year. A huge year, really. Maybe the biggest one it’s had to date. But that year of bigness will now start a little later, because Bungie are delaying Destiny 2’s free-to-play relaunch, New Light, and its next expansion, Shadowkeep. Previously due on September 17th, they’re now both lined up for October 1st. Bungie say they wanted a touch more development time and hey, they can give themselves that time now that they’re out from under Activision.


Five cool games I played at PAX East 2019

As you may have surmised from a bunch of very non-hardware-related interviews I’ve done recently about the likes of the excellent Nowhere Prophet, Sparklite, Unrailed, the return of Super Meat Boy and what’s next for Astroneer, I was packed off to PAX East a couple of months ago. I was mostly there to host a panel about the best video game weapon of all time (the winner was the Portal Gun inside Hitman 2’s homing briefcase, in case you were wondering), but I also got to play a bunch of cool games as well. Here are five of my absolute favs.


You can now tell Valve’s Steam Labs recommendations to ignore games you regret playing

It’s been almost a month since Valve kicked off their Steam Labs project. It must be an odd kind of lab to work in, the rare one that gets consistent funding and the boffins are free to tinker on whatever they want. What they want, it turns out, is to fill their store with even more robots. Getting them into video editing, turn them into curators.

No experiment is one and done. With one project finding success and the other standing a little shaky, Valve are shaking things up in this week’s lab update.


Lovely medieval city builder Foundation has been updated, so let’s have a tour

Nate’s review of Oxygen Not Included made me interested to try it, and I got about ten minutes in before deciding it wasn’t for me, very politely, as if I were refusing a slice of immensely complicated fruitcake from a granny. “Look at all nice bits in it!” she is saying. “I know, I respect your talent, but I do not like those bits all together,” I sadly reply. But it’s okay because I remember there is another granny who is well into medieval reenactment and she is making me a great big chocolate sponge. That’s right, it’s time for a biannual check in on ye olde towne simulator Foundation!


Total War: Three Kingdoms will channel Dynasty Warriors in a new survival mode

A new wave survival mode coming to Total War: Three Kingdoms will pit three heroes against hundreds of enemy soldiers. Dynasty Mode is its name, and it’s coming in a free update next week. It looks to be inspired by the more fantastical side of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms as well as, y’know, probably the Dynasty Warriors games (which are also based on the historical epic). If you want magical lords murdering a dozen men with a single swing of their blade, baby, they’re coming. Have a look in the trailer below.


Daggerfall Unity renovates Bethesda’s 1996 RPG with all mod cons

I never played The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. How could I? I was two years old, geez, give me a break. No, my Elder Scrolls journey started with Oblivion. My experience is forever tied to Wes Johnson’s goofy barks and that video where the guy goes “Have you heard of the high elves?”

Still, Daggerfall is a tantalising mystery. It’s a 62,0000-square mile colossus that’s almost unrecognisable as an Elder Scrolls game. I’ll probably give it a dive, too, now that a long-running replacement engine is almost complete.


League Of Legends auto battler Teamfight Tactics is here to stay

League’s tossed out a lot of alternative modes over the years. ARAM (All Random All Mid) was always a blast, but do you remember the daft event ones like Odyssey: Extraction? Star Guardian: Invasion? PROJECT// Overcharge? Did any of you ever actually play Dominion or Twisted Treeline back in the day? Me neither.

Riot are done making throwaway modes – from now on, any new addition to League Of Legends is in it for the long haul. It’s not just because Teamfight Tactics is a ridiculously popular auto battler. Promise.


Monster Hunter: World’s Iceborne expansion slides onto PC in January 2020

If you had hoped to cuddle up with a blanket, cocoa, and Palico this Christmas in Monster Hunter: World‘s Iceborne expansion, bad news: it won’t be out on PC by then. Capcom yesterday narrowed our “winter” release window down to “January 2020”. Iceborne’s console launch will be on September 6th so pllllrbbb. This is a shorter delay than we waited for the base game’s PC release, four months rather than six, but it’s still on the disappointing side of the Christmas holidays.


Quitting Qatab: Turn 6

If you’ve been cheering on the Qatabis for the past six days, you’re going to enjoy today’s slice of stop-motion slaughter. When we parted, Deathproof, the AAV with a taste for ditches and sloughs, was racing along road 60 with Metzger’s assault squad as accidental passengers. An order tweak applied at the start of turn #6 sharpens her senses but also reduces her speed and increases the likelihood of her stopping adjacent to The Ditch o’ Doom.

(Quitting Qatab is an open-to-all game of Combat Mission: Shock Force 2 in which NATO forces are orchestrated by commenters while Qatabi units are computer controlled. Each daily turn covers one minute of action. For a scenario outline and summaries of earlier turns, click here) (more…)