Every gaming coronavirus cancellation

Over the past month, at greater and greater pace, games events and happenings have been disrupted by precautionary measures against the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. E3 is off, GDC is postponed… this year’s PC gaming calendar is looking quite different. We’ve posted about some of these as they cropped up but it’s hard to follow in drips and drabs. So! Here’s a long list of effects on games events, game development, esports, and more in response to Covid-19 concerns.


Yes, Baldur’s Gate 3 will build on the series’ existing story, say Larian

Baldur’s Gate 3 is well out of the bag now and despite the lengthy gameplay reveal that Larian hosted at PAX East last month I have oh so many questions. So do you lot, it seems. Larian hosted an AMA yesterday to answer them all and though there were a few things they declined to answer, we’ve mostly rolled well on our Persuasion checks and come out with new details. Most importantly, yes, Baldur’s Gate 3 will continue the story from Baldur’s Gate and its sequel. It isn’t a direct sequel, but Larian say “we wouldn’t call it Baldur’s Gate 3 if there wouldn’t be a link.”


COD Warzone guns & weapon stats – damage stats, dropoff graphs, recoil patterns, best guns in Warzone

I don’t usually like to call attention to my role in creating these guides that much, but look: I’m super-proud of this Call Of Duty: Warzone guns & weapons guide, okay? Below you’ll find concise and detailed stats on every weapon in the game, along with screenshots of recoil patterns, damage dropoff graphs, and my own personal opinions on the very best guns to use in Warzone’s Battle Royale mode. So let’s get into it, shall we?


Borderlands 3 lands on Steam with a hefty discount

The six months of Epic Game Store exclusivity for Borderlands 3 are officially up and he rootin’ tootin’ loot ‘n shootin’ game launches on Steam today. If you’d been waiting to play, you’ve missed a couple seasonal events and a DLC but there seems to be plenty more where all that came from. You can grab any of Borderlands 3’s versions at a steep 50% discount on Steam for the next week.


Best gaming monitor deals of the week – March 13th 2020

Buying a new gaming monitor can be one of the most expensive bits of kit you’ll ever get for your PC, so it’s worth getting a good deal on it where you can. To help you in your quest, I’ve rounded up all the best gaming monitor deals of the week into one handy location. Here, you’ll find the best prices for today’s [cms-block]s, as well as a small description of their specs and how prices have changed over the last seven days. Whether you’re looking for the best G-Sync monitor deals or a cheap ultrawide deals, here are the best gaming monitor deals around today.


Best SSD deals of the week – March 13th 2020

If your PC’s storage banks are always in the red zone, then it’s probably about time you snapped yourself up a great SSD deal. This week has seen loads of SSDs fall in price, with the WD Black SN750 almost back down at its Black Friday price. So why not get the best price for today’s [cms-block]s with the help of our regularly updated best SSD deals of the week article? Updated every week with all the latest SSD deals and discounts, you’ll find everything you need to know about which SSDs are good buys below. Whether you’re after a deal on the best SATA SSDs or mega discounts on super fast NVMe SSDs and portable SSDs, you’ll find all the best SSD deals of the week right here.


The Foxer

Roman and Joyce always have a jigsaw puzzle on the go. Their current undertaking is a montage of famous people sliced into 10k pieces by one of Rooksburger’s slightly blunt punching machines. Below are 36 pieces from that puzzle. Identify all the notables to complete the defox. Guesses can be checked using Wikipedia (the source of all the images). (more…)

Best graphics card deals of the week – March 13th 2020

Graphics card prices are slowly starting to creep up this week, and will probably continue to rise as production slows due to coronavirus. The good news, though, is that prices have remained pretty static in the UK this week, and have only increased by small amounts in the US, so there’s still time to bag yourself a great graphics card deal on the cheap.

As always, I’ve rounded up all the best graphics card deals of the week right here, finding you the best prices on all of today’s [cms-block]s from Nvidia and AMD. You can see how much they’ve changed since the week before, I’ll also tell you whether they’re a good buy or not. Indeed, it’s a pretty bad time to be buying either an Nvidia GTX 1660 or GTX 1660 Ti at the moment, as prices for the GTX 1660 Super are just too good to make either of its 16-series rivals good buys right now. So why not let me help you get the best graphics card deal on your new GPU. Regardless of whether you’re upgrading your PC or building a new PC from scratch, here are the best graphics card deals about this week.