Ritual Of The Moon diary: day seven

Today’s Ritual Of The Moon opened with what I believe we millennials call a big mood. “Why shouldn’t I let them die? They don’t care about me.” Sometimes I idly like to imagine we can look at our parents generation as Rorschach in Watchmen looked unto, well, everyone. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth as they realise they’ve ruined everything and they need us to save them and pay for their retirement homes. And we’ll look down and whisper “No.”

In reality what will happen is that we will never figure anything out because Silicon Valley has reached such a zenith of recursive doucheholery that they’re reinventing buses, and applying terms like “sustainable cost structure” to keeping hens.


Priceless Play – 27 April

What makes an adventure? There is, of course, that romantic school of thought: the hero’s journey away from home and back again through peril and plight, death and rebirth, and all the rest. (Don’t forget to save the cat on page three.) But what else? What is “adventure” for the rest of us when we have no power to save the world from bosses and demons and zombies? Lacking any supernatural call to my true purpose, I’m pretty willing to call a trip to pick up the shopping an “adventure.”

Here are a small collection of games to reconsider what it means to undertake those grand escapades of danger and daring. You’ll find no swashbuckling vagabonds, nor Chosen Ones, nor daredevils. Here are games of the adventurous “just getting by.” Adventure is out there!


Riot Games move to block discrimination lawsuits with arbitration clause

Mere months after declaring new company values for a brighter, more inclusive future, Riot Games – developers of MOBA monolith League Of Legends – are at it again. As reported by Kotaku’s Cecilia D’Anastasio, the company are attempting to force two of the women involved (and still currently employed) in a gender discrimination lawsuit into private arbitration, which would end the legal action. Riot’s attorney argues that the women agreed to arbitration clauses, preventing them from legally challenging their employer. Real impressive values.


Arma 3 returns to the 80s in its first “Creator DLC” next week

There’s a major new Arma 3 expansion launching next Monday, April 29th, bringing the military sim back to its Cold War roots. Impressively large as it looks, Global Mobilization isn’t by Bohemia Interactive, but the first release in their new “Creator DLC” program and produced by small team Vertexmacht. Mods going commercial isn’t a new concept, but it has backfired for a few studios, including Valve’s own failure to get the idea off the ground with Skyrim, and Blizzard’s swiftly-abandoned premium mods for StarCraft 2. Still, Bohemia’s approach seems more structured, at least so far.


Warhammer Underworlds: Online brings the board game to PC

If there are two now-universal constants in PC games, it’s Warhammer and board game adaptations, and Warhammer Underworlds: Online is both. Based on the well-regarded Warhammer Underworlds board game and developed by Steel Sky Productions. It’s a two-player (plus AI, for the PC version) squad tactics game set in a haunted undercity, with a bit of deck-building and a lot of dice-rolling. The digital version debuts in early access some time this year, and looks to offer similar contents to the basic boxed edition, with an initial two warbands and more due later both free and paid. Below, a foggy and short teaser trailer.