Black Lives Matter

You will no doubt be aware that protests, marked by a violent police response, are ongoing in America. These protests were sparked by the death of George Floyd, who was killed by police officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin kneeled on George Floyd’s neck for almost 9 minutes. Today you will see many people, websites and individuals, participating in what is being called Blackout Tuesday. By not posting on social media, it clears the way for Black voices, particularly of the Black community in the US, to speak about the systemic racism and police brutality that they suffer.

We will be participating in this social media blackout for 24 hours from 2pm BST today, and have joined in a joint statement of solidarity from all the websites across our network. We’re going to spend the time playing and writing about games by BAME developers and creators, and those posts will appear in the next 24 hours and beyond.

We know we haven’t done nearly enough to amplify Black voices or help diverse people into this industry. We are working on things to change that. But now is not the time for a long and empty mea culpa. We encourage you to donate to organisations fighting racism and police violence. We encourage our white audience to take the time to listen and educate yourselves with resources like those provided by Black Lives Matter.

Samsung’s best SSDs are finally going cheap this week, with some returning to Black Friday prices

Samsung 860 Evo - Best gaming SSD

After last week’s big sale on WD Black SSDs, this week’s big [cms-block] are all about Samsung. After weeks of prices inching higher and higher or just plain refusing to budge whatsoever, prices for Samsung’s best SSDs have finally started to fall in the US. There are big discounts to be had on our current [cms-block] pick, the 860 Evo, and their top-end 970 Evo Plus drives, as well as their portable Samsung T5 drives, with some returning to what they cost over Black Friday.


Halo 3 makes its PC debut with limited testing next month

If you were an Xbox kid around my age, Halo 3 might be the first game you remember arriving with deafening levels of hype. The sole reason most folks picked up Crackdown. The Return Of The King in John Halo’s ring-smashing quest, in fellowship with a squid-mouthed Kieth David and that cigar-chewing lad from Aliens. Now, developers 343 Industries are preparing the trilogy closer’s PC debut in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, with select testing set to take place within the next few weeks.


In case there was any doubt, Baldur’s Gate 3’s new sizzle reel confirms rooms full of fire

This room is on fiyaaahhhh!

Maybe it was the dragons that clued you in. There sure was a lot of fire breathing in that opening cinematic Larian Studios showed off for Baldur’s Gate 3. Or maybe you’ve played Larian’s last big RPG Divinity: Original Sin 2 in which every single fight has, in my personal experience, a 100% chance to turn into a giant inferno. Larian posted a short and hot new video today to begin the process of sharing BG3 news “throughout the month of June.” Sandwiched between all the other quick clips is, yes, yer girl Shadowheart standing casually at the center of a a sea of flames. (more…)

A Goosebumps horror survival game is creeping out this summer

Guess who’s creepin’ out with a video game spinoff. No guesses? It’s Goosebumps. Remember those spooky books on your primary school shelf with the weird covers where animals transformed into—oh heck that was Animorphs. Sorry, I literally only read fantasy as a kid and still do. Goosebumps are the horror ones, now spawning the “spooky first-person survival horror game” Goosebumps Dead of Night sometime this summer.


Building sim Satisfactory churns out a Steam release date for June

Giant automated industry builder Satisfactory has been on the assembly line for a while already, first debuting on the Epic Games Store last year. The Factorio-but-3D builder has churned out new additions to its early access version since then, including giant trains and guns and vertical conveyors. The mammoth machines are reaching another milestone when Satisfactory launches on Steam—still in early access—on Monday, June 8th.


Wacky physics puzzle game Poly Bridge 2 is out now

Why did the truck cross the road? Because the bridge was out, obviously. Or at least it will be if you’re as bad at the wacko physics puzzle game Poly Bridge 2 as I likely would be. If you are, the second installment, like the first, lets you call in help from Twitch viewers. Poly Bridge 2 is out now with some new juice under the hood over its predecessor.


Procedural building toy Townscaper will let you construct lovely seaside villages

This whimsical little seaside town builder is another project by Oskar Stålberg whose tiny planet and city builder projects RPS have marveled at in the past. Unlike his prior browser-based experiments, Townscaper is being treated to some extra polish and plans for a paid release. It’s been on my mental wishlist since before it had a name, but now there’s a handy page on the Steam store to help me not forget. Check out the trailer below for some extremely satisfying pips and pops as the rainbow cities spring from the sea.