PlayStation Blogcast 339: Postmodern Warfare


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The Blogcast is back, with Sid and Tim sharing their explosively positive first impressions of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!

Stuff We Talked About

  • Angry Birds The Movie 2 VR
  • Concrete Genie
  • How to sleep on airplanes
  • Wolfenstein: Youngblood
  • Mechanics that were industry game changers


The Cast

Official PlayStation Blogcast: Sid ShumanOfficial PlayStation Blogcast: Kristen ZitaniOfficial PlayStation Blogcast: Tim Turi

Sid Shuman – Director of Social Media, SIEA
Kristen Zitani – Social Media Specialist, SIEA
Tim Turi – Senior Social Media Specialist, SIEA



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[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

The Drop: New PlayStation Games for August 6, 2019

Come on in, the water’s fine! Rovio’s instantly recognizable avian troublemakers set off on a sub-aquatic adventure in The Angry Birds Movie 2: Under Pressure, coming to PlayStation VR next week.

But you can leave your slingshot at home; this one takes a different approach than you might expect. With one player inside the headset and four on the TV, Under Pressure is an asymmetrical co-op affair. The TV players work together to craft ammo for the VR player, who is the only one able to see outside the ship (and by extension the only one who can reel in all the wondrous treasure the ocean holds). Of course, players are able to interact with each other in helpful — and not-so-helpful — ways, which can make for chaotic, hilarious play sessions.

For a full list of new games coming to PlayStation next week, read on. And enjoy The Drop!

The Drop Logo

Age of Wonders: Planetfall
PS4 — Digital, Retail
Age of Wonders: Planetfall is the new strategy game from Triumph Studios. Build your empire with one of six unique factions, ranging from the militant Vanguard to the dinosaur-riding Amazons and the cyborg-zombies of the Assembly.
The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure
PS VR — Digital
Now the birds and piggies are best frenemies, Red and Leonard team up to assemble a crack(ed) team and investigate mysterious Eagle Island. But first, they must get there in one piece — in a giant Piggy submarine. Can the birds and pigs cooperate, deep beneath the waves? Or will they get that sinking feeling as the pressure rises?
Corpse Killer – 25th Anniversary Edition
PS4 — Digital (Out 8/5)
You’re stranded on an uncharted island of Death. You’re zombifying from Voodoo poison. A mad scientist is on your trail. Originally developed by Digital Pictures and released in 1994, Corpse Killer has been completely rebuilt for the PS4, bringing it to a level of video quality never before seen.
Fatal Twelve
PS4 — Digital (Out 8/8)
Shishimai Rinka thought her life was over… until she woke up and continued her everyday routine as if her fatal accident had never happened. Day by day, her sense of unease grew. Until a mysterious girl spoke to her in her dreams. ‘A game is about to begin. This is your chance to truly be reborn.’
Gravity Ghost: Deluxe Edition
PS4 — Digital
Surf the night sky. Careen through the cosmos. Find the fox. When a ghost girl’s best friend goes missing, she’ll turn the whole universe upside down to find him. Gravity Ghost is a planetary platformer where orbiting is an art form. In over 100 dizzying levels, put your aerial skills to the test against planets that bounce, break, splash, and more.
Illusion of L’Phalcia
PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Cross-Buy)
Experience epic 3D battles in a fantasy RPG. Ryser and Cougar are in search of the Sword of Amal, an artifact of legend said to grant any wish. Their journey will lead them into fateful encounters with both allies and rivals only to find a mysterious truth awaiting at the end of their adventure.
Machiknights -Blood Bagos-
PS4 — Digital (Out 8/8)
Get ready for an all-new hardcore multiplayer action RPG. Stage by stage, you’ll unravel the mysteries of ancient technologies. Experiment with new Machi Knight equipment to change your gameplay style, and stop the evil organization of Kenos from reviving a terrible long-lost weapon known as Bagos the Giant!
Metal Wolf Chaos XD
PS4 — Digital
The country is in peril as President Michael Wilson defends the nation against a full-scale rebellion led by Vice-President Richard Hawk and the mechanized legions he commands. As the 47th President of the United States, it is your sworn duty to take your country back by any means necessary and end this unjust coup d’etat!
PS4 — Digital
When the members of a cult take their own lives, only you can discover the truth behind the tragedy. Inspired by real-world cults, Sagebrush is a first-person narrative-driven adventure game which thrusts players into the role of a truth-seeker who must investigate the tragic circumstances of the Perfect Heaven cult’s mass suicide.
Subdivision Infinity DX
PS4 — Digital (Out 8/8)
Subdivision Infinity is an immersive and pulse pounding sci-fi space shooter featuring stunning graphics and tight spaceship game play. Hunt down and destroy enemy spacecraft, crush capital ships, mine asteroids for rare minerals, and find blueprints to craft amazing new vessels!
Tactics V: Obsidian Brigade
PS4 — Digital (Out 8/9)
Tactics V: Obsidian Brigade is a retro-style tactical turn-based video game in homage to console tactical RPGs from the 1990s. It’s set in a fantasy setting with its own lore and magic, using techniques to convert to a 2D isometric look from 3D assets.
Wonder Boy Returns Remix
PS4 — Digital (Out 8/8)
Wonder Boy was an arcade hit back in 1986, with its intuitive controls and polished game balance. This forever famous side-scrolling action game has been remixed and reborn for the PS4. Join the adventure of a boy who’s doing his best to save his girlfriend Tina — updated with high-def anime-inspired visuals and more!
Wordsweeper by Powgi
PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Cross-Buy)
A crossword puzzle solved using logic and deduction. This new word game draws inspiration from the classic puzzle game Minesweeper, and is exclusive to Powgi!

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare: 22 Things You Need to Know About Multiplayer

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is coming, and we played it! There’s a lot to take in — read on to discover what’s in store for the genre-defining Multiplayer mode when it lands on October 25.

Cross-platform play means you can play against PS4, PC, and Xbox One players.

At its unveil event, Infinity Ward confirmed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will support cross-play between PC and console players — a first for the series. How is the studio balancing mouse-and-keyboard users with controller users? “One of the main ways is that we are planning on matchmaking based on peripheral,” Design Director Joe Cecot said. “We’re also supporting different peripherals, so if you want to plug a keyboard [and mouse] into your PS4, you can.”

Season Pass is no more.

Instead, an ongoing array of free downloadable maps and content will release post launch. “We just revealed, so it’s a little early to talk post-launch, but we can say that it will be a regular distribution of content,” Cecot said. “We have a very full post-launch schedule, because we want players to jump into our game and we want to keep them really busy with new content for a long time.”

Weapon customization is extensive.

Most Call of Duty games let you swap between a handful of weapon mods. But Modern Warfare’s “Gunsmith” weapon customization is extensive — with 30 to 60 mods available for most weapons. It’s so extensive, that it required an entire mode called “Gunsmith.”

Progression and gameplay are unified across all three main modes.

Gear you unlock and equip in MP will extend over to the co-op Spec Ops experience and vice-versa. You’ll unlock some gear for MP as you play through the SP experience too, and weapons and mods will feel consistent and unified across all three modes.

Night-vision goggles (NVGs) are a game changer…

In most games, NVGs paint the screen bright green and highlight threats. Not so in COD: MW. Equip the NVGs on dark maps to transform the game into an otherworldly battlefield where the usual rules may no longer apply. On maps that support NVG, every player will be able to equip them by holding down on the d-pad.

…and “laser discipline” will finally enter the 2019 zeitgeist.

Since entering ADS triggers your weapon’s laser attachment, you need to be careful when fighting in an NVG-compatible map — NVG-wearing enemies can easily track your position.

2v2 Gunfight is a riot.

This white-knuckle atom-smasher might just steal the show. This contest is fought on small “Flash Maps,” and equips all four players with the same randomly selected weapon loadout to keep things fair and square. The resulting cat-and-mouse brawls are real nail biters with a pacing somewhat similar to fighting games.

There are three map sizes.

“Flash Maps” are designed for close-quarters 2v2 Gunfight matches, while “Tactical Maps” support more traditional 6v6 and 10v10 player counts. “Battle Maps” are reserved for the largest-scale gameplay. We played it via 20v20 matches, but the team said they’ll support more than 100 players!

Multiplayer supports more varied playstyles.

From team support to run-and-gun, sniping, camping and more, IW is seeking to broaden the number of viable play styles with Modern Warfare. This is partly thanks to a greatly expanded array of gear.

Map traversal is more fluid and varied.

Perhaps moreso than any prior Call of Duty game, COD: Modern Warfare is all about giving players tactical options. That’s reflected in the new map layouts, which offer more opportunities to traverse through sneaky paths and backdoors to catch foes unaware. If prior Call of Duty maps were a racetrack, COD: Modern Warfare is more like a rollercoaster.

Operators are cosmetic only.

You can select from an array of cool-looking Operators to represent yourself in online matches, but the benefits are purely aesthetic.

Map design took inspiration from classic DM games.

Infinity Ward took some inspiration from classic deathmatch games when developing COD: Modern Warfare. More “power positions” — towers and other elevated areas — are scattered throughout the maps. These give you an objective to move for and result in more interesting, varied firefights that flow around the map.

It uses a new engine.

The game is a looker, pumping out huge, realistic-looking maps loaded with eye-catching special effects, particularly the smoke and fog that actually accumulates after a blistering gunfight.

Expect the Realistic mode to make some noise.

This new optional setting strips away almost all onscreen HUD elements — even the classic hitmarker and kill notifications. It’s not for everyone, but we tried it out on a nighttime map equipped with NVGs and the results were intense, bordering on survival-horror.

“Mounting” gives limited cover to frontline assault players.

When standing next to a corner or over a ledge, you’ll see an onscreen prompt to press R3, which allows you to hunker down a bit and reduce your profile. When mounting a corner, you can even use the right stick to peek out a bit to pick new targets from (relative) safety.

Doors are more interesting than you think.

I know… doors. But Infinity Ward spent a lot of time spicing up these pedestrian portals. You can open doors in multiple ways — running or sliding into them, carefully easing them open, or blowing them open with explosives — and each way has a tactical benefit. They’re also useful as auditory cues, helping you track enemy movement through the level.

“Tactical Sprint” provides a short speed boost.

Also called the “super sprint,” this new maneuver allows you to cover ground faster, but with a greater delay to Aim Down Sights (ADS) if you encounter a hostile. Trigger it by double-clicking L3. Also, your sprint meter isn’t infinite, though Perks can extend it.

The audio design is cutting-edge.

Using sophisticated new audio processing techniques unknown to me (I caught a reference of “raytracing”), Modern Warfare is putting a big emphasis on pushing immersive audio. Weapon fire snarls with realistic reverberations, the doppler effect is in full effect, and…

Killstreaks are back.

Need I say more?

Excessive weapon mods will slow your ADS.

Each weapon supports up to five mods, including weapon-specific Perks, so it’s tempting to max out your M4 and head to battle. Not so fast: overload your gun and the increased weight will greatly slow your ADS speed, and sometimes even your movement speed, so you’ll lose out to faster-drawing opponents. Be smart and equip only what you really need!

The open beta will be big.


Yes, the watch hands show the real time.

They really do. We checked.

“Dead Don’t Ride” Challenge Hits Days Gone Today

New this week to Days Gone is the latest “bike” challenge, Dead Don’t Ride. Take your seat behind the wheel of an electric golf cart to pick up and deliver passengers at locations around the Salome Hotsprings. There are 36 passengers waiting for rides if you manage to make on time deliveries. You’re working against the clock in Dead Don’t Ride, so in order to get the best passenger ratings and maximize your high score, here are some tips for excelling at the challenge sub-objectives:

  1. Close Call: Park Close to X Survivors. When stopping to pick up your next fare, stop as close as possible to the waiting survivor. Stopping close not only contributes toward this sub-objective, but it also gives bonus points toward the overall challenge.
  2. 5 Star Driver: Drop Off X Happy Survivors. Once you have a survivor on board, pay attention to their satisfaction meter. You’ll get score and time bonuses for Happy and Neutral drop-offs. You’ll still get some points from Unhappy passengers, but no time bonus.
  3. Wild Speed: Drop off X Hard Survivors. Delivery difficulty is indicated by the color of the pick-up ring; yellow for easy, orange for medium, and red for hard. Difficulty is determined by distance to the drop-off destination, and in some cases by jumps or difficult navigation. In addition to advancing this sub-objective, longer deliveries award more points toward the overall score. Since the golf cart has infinite boost, make heavy use of it on long straightaways to achieve this sub-objective.
  4. Street Sweeper: Run Over X Swarmers. Don’t worry about alarming your passengers—running over freaks won’t hurt your delivery rating. Each Swarmer killed will add two seconds to the challenge clock. Try and line up your Swarmer kills along your delivery routes because going out of your way for these kills will work against the clock.

Additional advice for Dead Don’t Ride: Successfully completing all 36 deliveries will reward 2,000 points for each second left on the clock. So be mindful of finding ways to shave precious time from your run; find the best paths to take, discover the optimal order in which to pick up passengers, drift into stops so you’re facing the drop-off location, and use boost as much as possible (without crashing into obstacles, of course).

This challenge awards the “Hit and Run” patch for Bronze or better rankings. This patch reduces the rate at which bikes (and golf carts) slow when impacting enemies. So earning this patch will allow you to keep extra time on the clock, which helps achieve even greater scores within the challenge.

Exploring Your First Big Decision in The Outer Worlds

Hello, colonists! Brian Heins here, Senior Designer from Obsidian Entertainment, and I’m going to be your guide as we check out The Outer Worlds. In case you haven’t heard, The Outer Worlds is a first-person, single-player role-playing game in which you will decide how the story plays out. We will be looking at a bit of the game’s features as well as the town of Edgewater.

Edgewater is a backwater settlement located in the region of Emerald Vale, owned and operated by Spacer’s Choice. The people of Edgewater are hardy, loyal company folk devoted to working in the town’s Saltuna Canning Facility until the day they die, at which point they’re buried in the local Spacer’s Choice Cemetery — provided they’ve paid their burial fees. The Spacer’s Choice family takes care of its own.

Reed Tobson — Edgewater’s administrator — can help you find a power regulator to repair your ship. A staple in Obsidian games has always been a complex narrative with a variety of dialogue options, and The Outer Worlds is no different as you will have multiple options when approaching conversations.

Your character’s abilities and companions also play a part in conversations. For example, you may have the option to lie to someone if you have enough charisma, or potentially your companion is a skilled engineer and can help dig you out of a technical discussion that is way over your head.

Reed points you to a power regulator in the nearby botanical district. All you need to do is head down to the geothermal plant, cut off power to the botanical district, and take their power regulator for yourself. As often with the decisions you face in The Outer Worlds, this will not be an easy choice and you will see that the botanical district is home to a group of refugees led by Adelaide McDevitt.

Adelaide McDevitt was once Edgewater’s finest flavor specialist. Remember that limited edition run of White Chocolate Saltuna? That was all Adelaide.

Not a lot of people know what made Adelaide abandon her job and leave town. Today, Adelaide and a small band of loyal followers live together under the shade of a garden, surviving off the land and keeping to themselves.

Adelaide holds a bitter grudge against Edgewater. She wants to hurt Edgewater by destroying their power supply, and she needs your help to do it. With this information and a weighty decision to contemplate, you will make your way to the next objective — the geothermal plant.

If deciding the outcome of these settlements was not enough, the path to the geothermal plant is riddled with violent marauders and aggressive fauna. While it may be possible to avoid conflict using stealth, dialog, and other means, if you do end up fighting you will have a variety of options to ensure you remain above ground.

Depending on your character, you may opt for getting close and personal with a melee weapon or simply value taking cover with a rifle in hand. Either way, you should take advantage of Tactical Time Dilation.

Due to some minor brain damage from being suspended in hyperspace, your character perceives time differently. This allows you to slow down the perception of time which can drastically improve your effectiveness in combat. Depending on how you invest your skills, Tactical Time Dilation can be improved to provide unique combat possibilities like being able to cripple or blind enemies. It will also allow you to scan enemies and get detailed information about them.

Your path will lead you to the geothermal plant, where you will have to navigate around or confront various patrolling security bots, and ultimately decide the fate of Edgewater and Adelaide’s deserters. There are many ways to resolve this quest, and the options and possibilities you discover along the way are very much at the core of The Outer Worlds.

We look forward to seeing all the paths you take in your adventure when the game comes out on October 25.

Hands-on with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Intense, Gripping Multiplayer

Names are loaded with meaning, and Activision said a lot with “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.” The name invokes Infinity Ward’s sublime Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which ranks among the most influential FPSs of all time.

Activision proved during a recent hands-on event that has more in common with that seminal game than just a name. It aims to similarly move the genre forward with bone-crunching audio and visuals, while doubling down on the weapon and loadout customization that immortalized Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Activision kicked off the event stating their mission — a unified experience for all Modern Warfare players. Season Pass is gone, and instead players will receive a mix of post-launch maps and other content for free. Crossplay widens the base by allowing console players to match up with PC players (with options to customize whether or not you face off with mouse-and-keyboard players).

The promise for a cohesive and intense Modern Warfare experience is enticing, but the proof is in Infinity Ward’s striking gameplay.

Your Loadout Defines Your Playstyle

Modern Warfare is a teeth-rattling return to the core gameplay that made COD4: MW legendary. The most impactful change is that now you can mold your weapon and overall loadout to your playstyle preference in their Gunsmith system.

Operators are cosmetic options with eye-catching skins and colorful voiceover (become a doomsday prepper or scrappy resistance fighter), but you won’t be harnessing special abilities with cooldowns. Instead, you’ll burrow into gunsmithing options that let you modify your firearms to an outlandish degree.

Want a shotgun with a sniper rifle scope or a laser-sighted LMG with a three-round burst? Go for it. Swapping between 30 to 60 muzzles, sights, lasers, Perks (quick reload for me!), and more per weapon is almost overwhelming at first, but the stats menu makes trade-offs crystal clear. Maybe that weighty fifth attachment isn’t worth the hit to your mobility, after all.

Customization expands far beyond guns. Killstreaks return with a cathartic vengeance. Favorites like the UAV, Care Package, and tide-turning Juggernaut return. Rack up eight consecutive kills to unlock new tools like the Infantry Assault Vehicle – a light tank that can be piloted by one player while another unleashes the .50 cal on top. Potent field upgrades like stopping-power rounds and a recon drone to spot enemies are available after enough time elapses in a match.

Player Perks also enable useful passive benefits like tracking the steps of a nearby enemy or retaining credit towards a Killstreak even after death. The breadth of options speak to Infinity Ward’s aim to cater to any Call of Duty playstyle, be it sniping, run ‘n’ gunning, team support, or even camping.

A New Level of Warfare

Infinity Ward’s obsession with impactful, authentic gameplay drops players onto the battlefield. The Call of Duty series is already known for its stellar production value, yet Modern Warfare improves upon FPS audio and animation in stunning new ways.

The minimap is no longer present by default, tucked away to be earned through Killstreak rewards. Instead, a minimal compass at the top of the screen tips off enemy locations. My eyes remained transfixed on the unfolding action, no longer tempted to scan the minimap every other second. My ears also became more active to gather more info on enemy positions, and were treated by the new levels of gut-punching audio fidelity. Zeroing in on rifle blasts and crunching footsteps make locating enemies feel more earned and satisfying.

Animation improvements also pull players in deeper. More believable recoil makes shotgun blasts feel forceful enough to bruise your shoulder. Dropped enemies toss their weapons aside as they fall, adding satisfying visual flair.

Robust Multiplayer Mode Variety

Activision gave us hands on with a handful of modes from Modern Warfare, ranging from time-tested Team Deathmatches to close-quarters brawls. The highlights:

  • 2v2 Gunfight: One of Modern Warfare’s newest and most addictive modes is also the simplest concept revealed for Multiplayer so far. In Gunfight, teams of two face off in short, intense rounds with cycling weapon loadouts on condensed maps. Wasn’t expecting to battle with just a scoped .50 pistol and a flashbang? Surprise! The result is an exciting, unpredictable, and intimate competitive mode.
  • 6v6 Cyber Attack: A round-based mode where each player has one spawn. Win by planting an EMP device near the enemy’s data center to win the match. The high-stakes objective and emphasis on teamwork makes each exhilarating round pass by lightning fast.
  • 10v10 Headquarters: A king of the hill-style mode where opposing teams track down HQs that populate the map, holding them down to earn points for victory. The constant journey across the map provides an intoxicating mix of wide-open firefights and close-quarter HQ defense brawls. Respawns are disabled for the team defending captured HQs, which makes for intense action when combined with the freshly removed minimap.
  • 20v20 Domination: The biggest match size for Modern Warfare revealed so far features 40 total players. The team confirmed that they are aiming to support over 100 players in this large-scale mode. We played on the sprawling Aniyah Palace – a ruined historical building surrounded by maze-like walls and wide-open spaces. Juggling five control points with teammates makes for a frantic scramble toward victory. Modern Warfare’s Tactical Sprint option – which grants an extra burst of speed while making you especially vulnerable – comes in handy here.

Modern Warfare’s multiplayer showing demonstrates that Infinity Ward aims to elevate the series’ successful core formula to new heights. This offering alone is enough to justify counting the days until it launches on PS4 October 25, and we haven’t even played single-player or Spec Ops yet.

Thankfully fans can get their hands dirty with weapon loadouts and dive into the Multiplayer Beta when it launches first on PS4 September 12.

Players’ Choice: Vote For the Best New Game of July 2019

It’s summer! Take a break from that bright, hot ball in the sky and treat yourself to some video games. You’re worth it.

July saw a few fun surprises like Wargroove, Sea of Solitude, and Songbird Symphony, as well as bigger hits like Dragon Quest Builders 2, FFXIV Shadowbringers, and Wolfenstein: Youngblood. But, as always, only one can wear the coveted Players’ Choice crown.

Take a moment to consider your options, choose your favorite new game, and click the appropriate button below to cast your vote. We’ll shut down the polls next Thursday, August 8, at 11:59pm, then reveal the winners a few days later. Go!

How does it work? At the end of every month, PlayStation.Blog will open a poll where you can vote for the best new game released that month. Soon thereafter, we’ll close the polls, tally your votes, and announce the winner at PlayStation.Blog. PlayStation Store will also showcase some top Players’ Choice winners throughout the year.

What is the voting criteria? That’s up to you! If you were only able to recommend one new release to a friend that month, which would it be? In keeping with our long tradition in the Game of the Year Awards, remastered or re-released games won’t qualify. Ambitious, larger-scale rebuilds and remakes like Shadow of the Colossus and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy will.

How are nominees decided? The PlayStation.Blog and PlayStation Store editorial teams will gather a list of that month’s most noteworthy releases and use it to seed the poll. Write-in votes will be accepted.

Free H1Z1 Outland Expansion Releases Today on PS4

Hi everyone! I’m Paul Balon, Technical Director for H1Z1, the popular fast-paced, free-to-play Battle Royale shooter exclusive to PS4.

Welcome to Outland!

We’re incredibly grateful (and humbled!) by the more than 16 million players who have jumped into the fraught, chaotic spectacle that is H1Z1, and while we’ve regularly updated the game with new content and updates since launch, we’ve planned for some time to radically refresh the H1Z1 experience for our community. Enter the new Outland map.

Outland doesn’t just look new – it’s a fundamental redesign of H1Z1’s play space. Every inch and every corner of the map has been intricately designed to emphasize and amplify the fast-paced combat and tense decision-making that makes each H1Z1 match epic and memorable. Vast terrain diversity, increased verticality, and improved POI accessibility all complement a design philosophy intended to reward the adventurous and adaptable player willing to learn Outland’s secrets and alter their strategy accordingly.

From eerie locales like Deadman’s Swamps, where rolling fog and waste-high waters limit movement and visibility:

To the Pueblos, which favor fast-paced, close-range combat within and atop staggered huts that each offer unique lines of sight:

Or the epic Canyon bridges, where the confident sharpshooter willing to risk limiting their exit options can take up an aggressive, commanding position across the vista:

Every area, locale, landmark, and POI offers something new and different each match.

A lot of thought, experimentation, iteration, and testing went into crafting Outland; every decision we made was intended to create a new playground for our community that is authentic to the H1Z1 experience and also maintains its competitive balance, so no single playstyle, weapon, or vehicle choice breaks the gameplay.

Vehicular Mayhem & Weapons of Mass Destruction

The new map isn’t the only new content players will get for free when they download Outland: four new vehicles and two new weapons drop with this expansion!

The Commando: This automatic assault rifle offers a common/lootable mid-range alternative to the AR. It can’t match the AR’s precision, but its mobility and high rate of fire will make shottie rushers think twice before exiting cover.

The Heavy Assault: This powerful assault rifle offers a souped-up, fully automatic alternative to the KH and Marauder rifles that can be found in purple airdrops. It packs a big punch at mid-range, but watch the recoil; it’s a beast to handle!

The Untamed: This fast, stylish, and powerful muscle car tears up the terrain with off-road tires and boosted turbo! Complete with seating for up to five players!

The Torque: The quieter, classic sibling to the Untamed, the Torque barrels around enemies with little concern for what waits around the corner.

The Gazelle: This two-seat cousin to the ATV offers a quick, slick, and frighteningly exposed get-up-and-go option for quickly traversing the winding corners of Outland.

The Racer: Never one to be outshined, the five-seat Racer luxury sports car has speed and style in spades. First teased in last season’s Raining Racers Arcade Mode, this stylish sports car makes its full debut in all game modes.

The new map, new vehicles, and new weapons would be enough on their own, but they’re not the only highlights in this update; a new 100-tier Season Rewards (free, premium, and PS Plus lines), weapons balance changes, numerous bug fixes and performance improvements, and 11 new full outfits for players to earn or purchase are just a few of the other features coming with Outland!

We’re incredibly excited to bring this expansion to H1Z1 (free to download today!) and can’t wait to hear your thoughts about the new map and everything else in this update. Squad up and drop in; we’ll be waiting for you in Outland!

Keep Cool With PlayStation Gear Store’s New Summer Lineup

Summer is in full swing, and we’ve got a hot new selection of items at PlayStation Gear Store for you to celebrate the season with. From new baseball caps, tanks, and koozies, to some lightweight windbreakers for those breezy afternoons, we’ve got you covered… lightly.

Let’s take a look at some of the new merchandise:

Blue Striped Mesh Hat for PlayStation

$24.95* USD

This hat offers the open-air cool of ventilated mesh and striped synthetic fabric panels colored to match. Features a structured peak, precurved visor, and throwback plastic snap closure.
• Blue/Black
• 3D Heat transferred logo

Logo Hat with Multicolor Flat Bill

$24.95* USD

With its stained glass-like graphic underbill, this is one crackin’ cap. Cotton twill body has a structured peak for a strong shape, a youthful flat bill, and an adjustable closure with fold-over metal clasp.
• Black
• Embroidered logo

Original Colors Tee

$24.95-$28.95* USD (pricing varies by size)

Upgrade your wardrobe with this buttery-soft tee, which uses combed, ringspun cotton to ephemeral effect. Ribbed collar and slimming side seams. Prewashed for more accurate sizing.
• Khaki
• Screenprinted artwork and logo

Symbols Hooded Rain Jacket

$74.95-$78.95* USD
(pricing varies by size)

Rain or shine, this hooded rain jacket is ready for the elements. Water-resistant nylon keeps you dry, with front snaps, front slash pockets, drawcord hood, and elastic cuffs to seal in the heat.
• Black
• Heat transferred artwork and logo

Women’s Symbols Tank

$24.95-$26.95* USD
(pricing varies by size)

Symbols in a stacked bar pattern give this summery tank colorful, ordered appeal. Fabric is a blend of ringspun cotton and French terry polyester, side seamed for a flattering fit Prewashed for more accurate sizing.
• White
• Screenprinted artwork and logo

3-D Symbols Tank

$24.95-$26.95* USD
(pricing varies by size)

3-D art keeps your body grounded in this dimension while your imagination explores the next. 100% combed, ringspun cotton is styled with a gender-free cut and a flattering retail fit.
• Blue
• Screenprinted artwork and logo

Controller Patch

$3.95* USD

Proclaim your PlayStation allegiance with this classic patch perfect for bags, outwear, and similar apparel and accessories. Just sew and show!
• 3” x 1.75”
• White
• Embroidered patch

Collapsible Koozie

$4.95* USD

Keep drinks cold and hands warm with the classic foam sheath for cans. Thoughtful design folds flat when not in use for easy transport or storage.
• Blue
• Sublimated artwork

Wakeboard inspired by PlayStation

$399.95* USD

Whether you’re just testing the waters or have years of experience, this custom PlayStation wakeboard is suitable for beginners and experts alike.
• High Density Foam
• US Glassing (Fiberglass)
• Resin – Silma Resin

Retro Style Windbreaker with Controller Design

$94.95-$98.95* USD
(pricing varies by size)

Vintage color-blocking stages an 80s revival, with a pullover design that packs into its own front pouch for on-the-go convenience. Cotton flannel lining adds cozy dimension beneath the nylon taffeta exterior, which resists wind and water. Sporty silhouette includes a hood with contrast interior and matching torso stripe.
• Black
• Heat transferred artwork and logo

Buttons Inspired by PlayStation

$7.95* USD

Take your PlayStation personalization project to the next level with this set of four in-theme buttons.
• 1.25” each
• Multicolor

God of War Leviathan Axe Tank

$24.95-$26.95* USD

(pricing varies by size)

Your wardrobe woes will get the axe once you add this tank to your collection. Combed, ringspun cotton has been fashioned into a classic muscle tee perfect for the God of War.
• Gray
• Screenprinted artwork and logo

God of War Kratos Hat

$24.95* USD

A hat that’ll help you keep your cool. Structured chino twill fabric maintains a strong shape, with an adjustable hook-and-loop closure for heads big and small.
• Black
• Liquid metal imprint

God of War Family Resemblance T-shirt

$28.95-$32.95* USD
(pricing varies by size)

Smooth shirt gives negative space a positive spin, with an artful graphic that foretells epic adventure and myth unearthed. 50/25/25 poly/cotton/rayon blend. Prewashed for more accurate sizing.
• Black
• Screenprinted artwork and logo

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We hope you enjoy this summer lineup, let us know what you think!

*Plus applicable tax and shipping.
Shipping to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico

The Story Behind Forager, Out Today on PS4

Forager is the highly popular and quirky “idle game that you want to actively keep playing.” It’s all about exploring, crafting, gathering and managing resources, finding secrets and building bases out of nothing. In this game, you must buy lands to explore and expand a slowly growing empire.

Forager tells the story of a small character with big goals on its mind. In a way, this is a similar sentiment to my journey through the development of the game. From its initial concept to the final version, which is releasing on PlayStation 4 today, I encountered many obstacles to fulfill my dream.

This adventure / puzzle / resource scavenging hybrid has been in the making for quite some time. It all started seven years ago when I decided to quit college to pursue my love for video game development.

Small steps

The first year was all about learning, practicing, and prototyping on a daily basis. Before Forager, I had come up with a small game called Cinquedea (a platformer about colonizing planets by jumping on them with a cute character) and Impossible Dungeons (a hybrid between tower defense elements and platforming).

Despite my efforts, Cinquedea wasn’t praised by the public as I had hoped, and I decided to give up on it entirely during development. As most of my savings and resources had been allocated to this project, I was starting to run short.

The idea for Impossible Dungeons appeared while playing Risk of Rain with my cousin, thinking about how I would apply my recently acquired knowledge into the existing roguelike to tweak its mechanics and build something new. I set myself a two-week deadline and immediately started working on it.

One last chance

As a lone developer from Argentina, the idea of traveling overseas to make connections and showcase my projects to a larger audience required a sum of money that not many can afford. I had already moved back in with my mother, and asked for a loan to keep myself afloat as I continued working on my games. But it was during the local video game event EVA that I won a chance do so in an unexpected way.

Using the last of my savings to travel to the capital Buenos Aires and stay at my brother’s place, I showcased Impossible Dungeons to the public. To my surprise, many people showed up and enjoyed it, adults and kids alike. That same day, the project led me to win a trip to the international event Casual Connect.

I scheduled meetings with publishers far and wide, yet none seemed interested in the project. My social anxiety only made this more difficult, but I had a trump card I hadn’t considered.

When Forager came to life

Just a couple of weeks before, Forager was conceived during a YoYo Games’ game jam in which it earned second place. During the event, another exhibitor got their hands on it and lost track of time. They only realized it when the acquaintance they were supposed to meet went to find them. “I blame this game for being so addictive!” they said as an excuse.

This person, who happened to be a representative of Humble Bundle, approached me to ask me what I was exhibiting. A similar game to Impossible Dungeons was already in the works with the publisher, but Forager was new, and they were more than interested.

After sealing the deal with my new publisher, all that was left was to keep working on the game. This new journey allowed me to work with contractors, slowly building a team. But I also received support from the ever growing community around the game through Patreon.

The release on Forager on PS4 comes packed with hundreds of items, tools, and secrets to uncover. I have a long roadmap planned ahead, with goals including new enemies, biomes, a hard difficulty, and multiplayer.

My dream project is now available for everyone to play!