Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND DLC Reportedly Announced

Shortly after the release of Kingdom Hearts 3’s first free DLC, word of paid DLC has come from a recent Kingdom Hearts concert in Tokyo, Japan.

Twitter user YanilynGaming reportedly attended the concert and confirmed that Kingdom Hearts franchise director confirmed a bit of paid, and free DLC, on the way. The paid DLC is known as Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND. According to Yanilyn, the paid aspect will include an additional scenario known as ReMIND, as well as a “Limit Episode + Boss,” a new Secret Episode plus a boss, and an English voiceover option for the Japanese version of the game.

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Up at Noon: Avengers: Endgame Bathroom Hacks, DC Villain Movies and Mortal Kombat Klassic

Up at Noon is back with some relaxed, goofy, informative (?) weekend content on IGN as the second episode of our newly rebooted weekly comedy variety show is here to make your Saturdays suck less!


This week on the show!

  • Avengers: Endgame is the biggest movie in the world and it’s also one of the longest, so we’re teaching you how to pee during the movie without having to get out of your seat. That’s right: we’ve devised a plan to allow you to go #1 without missing a second of the #1 movie in the world.
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