Minecraft on PS4 Now Supports Cross-Platform Play, Bedrock Edition

Minecraft has announced that starting tomorrow, December 10, 2019, the Bedrock version of the popular crafting RPG will be coming the PlayStation 4. And along with it comes cross-platform play between the PS4 and the other Bedrock editions of Minecraft on other consoles.

That means that starting on December 10, Minecraft players on PlayStation 4 can cross-platform play with other players on the Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and iOS and Android versions.

This also means that PlayStation 4 players will have their Minecraft purchases and progress carry over across different platforms, and gain access to the Minecraft Marketplace. This is a digital store where players can purchase worlds, skins, mini-games, and mash-up packs.

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Shovel Knight: King of Cards Review

With three excellent Shovel Knight games down already, it’s no surprise that the latest, Shovel Knight: King of Cards, is another great 2D platforming adventure with excellent level design, charming characters, and fun new mechanics. What is a bit of a surprise, however, is how King of Cards grafts a well designed but tonally inconsistent collectible card game onto the usual Shovel Knight platforming package, and how that card game is integral to both the story and progression of your new protagonist. As a result, King of Cards is a bit at odds with itself. While this is the largest Shovel Knight game yet (clocking in at about 11 hours for me), with a great refocusing on a higher quantity of shorter levels with alternate pathways, its card game’s intrusion can make it feel like a delicious meal with a strange, unfamiliar sauce poured all over it that I would have rather ordered on the side.

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New BioShock Is Finally Confirmed in the Works

2K has announced a new BioShock game is officially in the works at a newly formed internal studio, Cloud Chamber. However, don’t expect this new game in the near future.

Cloud Chamber is a new studio, with locations in both Novato, California and Montreal, Quebec, headed by Kelley Gilmore, who has worked at 2K’s Firaxis Games for nearly two decades in various capacities on Sid Meier’s Civilization and XCOM.

According to 2K’s announcement, the next BioShock will be in development “for the next several years.” 2K has not officially announced any platforms nor targeted release date for this new BioShock.

Speaking to IGN over email, Gilmore said the team is at “the earlier end of our process” when asked how far along development on the new BioShock is. Gilmore also declined to say whether this new BioShock would function as a direct sequel in the series or as a reboot, instead only calling the project “the next iteration in the BioShock franchise.” Gilmore also declined to comment on whether the new BioShock would introduce a new cityscape as its setting or feature returns to Rapture or Columbia, saying “We…hope that fans love our future plans for this environment. That said, it’ll be a bit of a wait for more details, as the game will be in development for several years.”

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Images Show How Nintendo Made the Breath of the Wild 2 Trailer

Nintendo has shared some images that reveal how it made The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 announcement trailer.

Nintendo’s Japanese recruitment website (via VGC) has shared a behind-the-scenes look at the Breath of the Wild 2 trailer that debuted at E3 2019.

The images are part of a document that outlines Nintendo’s artistic production process to upcoming students and potential employees. The importance of character development, animation, and stage setting are all detailed, as well as Nintendo’s own way of tackling these disciplines.

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Cheetah Explained: Who Is the Wonder Woman 1984 Villain?

Update: The first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 has arrived.

Wonder Woman 1984 will see the return of Gal Gadot’s super-heroine, and joining her will be Kristen Wiig as Cheetah, one of Wonder Woman’s oldest and most nefarious foes. As of now, it remains unclear exactly how Wiig’s character will become Cheetah in the film, or even if she will be the villain in the film as Pedro Pascal is also co-starring as DC Comics bad guy Maxwell Lord.

While we wait for this epic clash between comic book titans, here’s everything you need to know about Cheetah and the various women who have held that title in DC’s comics.

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Full-Size Commodore 64 Revival Coming Soon

Homebrew enthusiasts will be happy to know that a proper Commodore 64 is on its way. Unlike last year’s Commodore 64 mini, this updated version dubbed “THEC64” includes a full-size keyboard and an updated joystick controller, something we weren’t too fond of in its mini counterpart.

As reported by Polygon, Retro Games Ltd., the creators of THEC64, say the updated unit will begin shipping to Europe sometime this month. No word has been given on a US release as of this time.

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Free Guy: Ryan Reynolds’ New NPC Adventure is Basically GTA: The Movie

In Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds stars as an unassuming NPC in a chaotic open-world video game who becomes self-aware and sees himself as a hero fit to thwart all the rampant crime — which sounds a lot like if you were to make GTA: The Movie.

Not only does the footage remind folks of other “break the system from within” flicks like The Matrix, Wreck-It Ralph, Tron, and even The LEGO Movie, but its virtual world seems to be heavily influenced by a mega game franchise – Grand Theft Auto. In fact, the film’s composer, Christophe Beck, told SYFY WIRE that the movie was a “cross between Grand Theft Auto and The Truman Show.” Watch the trailer again below if you haven’t seen it yet:

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Snoop Dogg Added to NHL 20 as a Playable Character and Commentator

A recent NHL 20 update has added Snoop Dogg into the game as a playable character and commentator. The patch released on December 5, officially adding the iconic rapper into the game — and it’s pretty great.

Snoop Dogg is no stranger to the NHL. Earlier this year, he made an appearance at an LA Kings game, serving as a guest play-by-play announcer.

Snoop Dogg took to Twitter to announce his addition to NHL 20, saying, “Ice hockey really be lit now with me in the booth!!” Based on the announcement trailer, Snoop won’t be your traditional announcer and will bring some of his uniqueness to the game.

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