Review: Giga Wrecker Alt. – A Puzzle-Solving Mega Man-alike From Pokémon Masters Game Freak

She’s gonna wreck it!

Despite the fact its often working on the next entry in the eternal cultural phenomenon that is Pokémon, Game Freak every so often takes the time to cleanse its creative palette with something that doesn’t involve pocket-based monsters. The most recent of its side forays was Giga Wrecker, which smashed its way onto PC two years ago, and while it’s a world away from the top-down beast battling of Game Freak’s usual fare, this puzzle-platformer has a similar level of quality you’ll instantly appreciate.

Finally ported to consoles as Giga Wrecker Alt., this little open-ended 2D side-scroller has some grand ideas when it comes to puzzles and how you interact with the world around you. Everything centres around one Reika Rekkeiji. Following an invasion by an army of ravenous robots, young Reika is locked away in a cell and seemingly left for dead. That is until another equally young heroine blasts open her cell and shoots her. Now definitely left for dead, Reika is rescued by the snarky yet brilliant Doctor Kozuki, who uses the technology of Earth’s new robotic invaders to rebuild our leading lady with cybernetic implants.

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Random: Warren Spector’s Nintendo Switch Has A Battery Problem

“Not being able to play is driving me nuts”.

If you owned a Nintendo Wii during its prime, you might remember Disney’s Epic Mickey games. Warren Spector was the director of the original entry and considers it to be one of the “high points” of his illustrious career. Apart from this, he’s also helped created games like System Shock, Ultima, Deus Ex and Thief.

For anyone who has been following him over the years, you might recall how he’s a bit of a Nintendo geek. During an interview with Nintendo Life in 2015, Warren explained how the Japanese company stood out from the crowd with its creative design.

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