Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Janemba Release Date Revealed

Janemba, the antagonist of Dragon Ball: Fusion Reborn and the next DLC character in Dragon Ball FighterZ, finally has a release date. The embodiment of evil will be arriving on August 8, less than one week from now.

Janemba was announced following the conclusion of the Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament at EVO 2019, where Japan’s Goichi “GO1” Kishida narrowly defeated returning champion SonicFox. SonicFox himself had first lost to Goichi in the winners bracket, but managed to climb back out from the loser’s bracket for the final fight. Check out the clip below to see the emotional final moments of the match.

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New Under Night In-Birth Game Announced at EVO 2019

A new entry in the Under Night In-Birth fighting game series was announced at EVO 2019 Saturday. Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late

will introduce a new character, and will launch in early 2020, according to Gematsu.

The new Under Night In-Birth game was announced at the end of the Under Night In-Birth:Late

grand finals at EVO 2019. Developer French Bread and publisher Arc System Works and Aksys Games did not confirm what platforms the game would come to, but a previous leak of the game listed PS4 and Switch ratings.

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The Sojourn’s statue-swapping puzzles launch September

You know that feeling where you’re not quite sure what’s going on, but you’re happy to be here anyway? That’s the impression I get from the trailer for The Sojourn, a pretty puzzly thing that’s scheduled to come out in a couple of months. I don’t exactly know what kind of tasks it’ll be asking me to do, or why. But I probably wouldn’t mind just hanging out in that lovely Santorini-like spot to do ‘em. Take a look at the trailer, you’ll see what I mean.


Guide: Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Get Started With These Heroic Tips

“Oh my, what could’ve brought you here?”.

It could certainly be argued that Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the most complex release yet in the long-running strategy series, which is no mean feat considering the intimidating barrier to entry many previous games have had. It’s extremely rewarding, of course, but juggling time in the Monastery, building relationships with the various students and staff, and making the hard decisions over how you want to shape the growth of each unit in your squad can appear to be overwhelming to many newcomers.

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Fortnite Fans Have Harsh Words for Season 10’s Mechs

The B.R.U.T.E. mech is one of the most prominent additions to Fortnite Battle Royale Season 10, and it hasn’t taken long for fans to express just how much they dislike it and other changes that have come to Fortnite’s latest season.

The B.R.U.T.E is a two-person bipedal vehicle where one player controls its movement while the other is in charge of its weapons – though a single player can operate it alone by switching between moving and attacking. Capable of firing powerful missiles and shotgun blasts, fans consider the addition to be highly overpowered, and even the most accomplished Fortnite pros are frequently falling to its barrages.

Even those who prefer building can’t easily escape its reign of destruction, as it can tear through buildings and built objects with ease. They can, of course, be destroyed, but their considerable firepower, solid pool of health and Overshield mechanic make that a difficult task.

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Review: Forager – A Delightful Fusion Of Stardew Valley And Harvest Moon That You Should Own

What a wonderful world.

You wake up on an isolated, deserted island. It’s quiet. There are only a few rocks and trees to keep you company. But you have a pickaxe. Let’s break up this rock, see what you get. Oh, a few bits of coal. Okay, let’s smash up some more stuff. Now you can build a furnace. Good, let’s get crafting. You’ve levelled up too – brilliant. And look, a sentient blob of jelly – best get rid of it before it attacks you. But oh no, there are suddenly too many trees sprouting from the ground, and you’ve caught a whole bunch of fish, but you’ve filled out your inventory, and you’ve built up a thriving community with banks and farms and museums but monsters are intent on destroying them and you’re simply far too busy kitting out your character with a mask of Cthulhu to even care. Somehow, it’s gone 3am, and you’re still playing.

Breathe. This is Forager, a new game from developer HopFrog (real name Mariano Cavallero). It’s an experience that feels familiar and yet completely different from anything else you’ve played. It’s also one of the most relentlessly addictive games in recent memory, and is one that has all the potential to rival juggernauts such as Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon (provided, of course, that it has sufficient post-launch support, which judging by the game’s substantial roadmap, it will do).

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